PVC patio door

Quality and durable classic patio door. The 1000 Series patio door is entirely manufactured in our plant, ensuring a high standard of quality.


This new style patio door, with its large fixed sash occupying 2/3 of the surface, offers you an exceptional view. Add a ZEN touch with the grid.


Treat yourself to a sleek and contemporary style with this modern patio door. Match the grid pattern to your preferences.

Porte patio option barrotins
Porte patio option barrotins
Porte patio option barrotins
Porte patio option barrotins


Distinguish yourself with class with this patio door. Available with stylish embossed decorative panels.

1000 Series patio door features

  • Designed to eliminate the risk of water infiltration, our quality waterproofing seal provides great efficiency.
  • Double weatherstripping system.
  • Unique sash design that cannot be lifted during break-ins.
  • With the addition of the double position foot lock and the key lock that locks the door from the outside.
  • With our low-emissivity insulating glass that keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. It will provide uncompromising efficiency and durability. * Included on most models.
  • A wood frame covered with PVC that ensures rigidity to the structure as well as its rigid PVC shutters reinforced with steel.
  • An extruded aluminum screen that allows for easy adjustment of the rollers at all four corners. D-shaped handle for easy handling.

Our patio doors are offered in a variety of colors, materials (PVC or hybrid) and formats that will match all your decors.
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